About Us

Why Bmfm?

We started Bmfm Guitars to fill a void for the musicians who would love a custom shop guitar, but couldn't afford the $3,000-5,000 price tags. We wanted to provide every musician with a guitar that speaks volumes to your audiences with the same level of quality and craftsmanship as their expensive equivalents.

Our name stands with and for musicians. Literally. By Musicians and For Musicians. Bmfm.


Our Guitars

We start with a 300 year old wood treatment and prep program to realign the molecular structure of the wood itself and achieve the highest level of resonance with the least harmonic resistance. Then we lay on a hand crafted varnish sealer to give your guitar unmatched sustain without the need for touchy electronic systems.

Then, we combine all of that with the highest quality CTS pots, Switchcraft switches, and hand-wound boutique pickups to bring the whole thing to life.

We're not done yet though, all of this would be for not if we didn't use the latest in wiring tech to ensure your tone makes it flawlessly from your fingertips to the output jack. We use Cryo-treated Unicrystaline Continuous Cast wire to guarantee near lossless tone quality.

Too much? For you vintage lovers we'll also wire in traditional cloth wire for that true vintage style you can't get any other way.