Rise Above Mass Production - Experience The Difference!

Since 2014, Bmfm Guitars has been creating artisan-crafted electric guitars expertly designed, shaped, cut and finished with care at our small town shop. Originally located in Oshkosh, WI we now reside in the heart of guitar country in rural Tylertown, Mississippi.

We make each guitar to order, ensuring a personalized custom experience. Outstanding playability and beauty does not need to be expensive! Here at Bmfm Guitars, our mission has always been to provide the player with outstanding tone, from handmade guitars combined with handmade pickups, at a great price! Professional boutique tone built with exceptional quality that lasts. Your ears simply won't believe the definition and organic depth of tone along with expertly setup playability that comes from a Bmfm Guitar.

We use a 17th century wood treatement recipe to organize the molecular structure of the wood adding resonance, sustain, and minimizing harsh competing harmonic frequencies.

The "guts" of our guitars are given the same consideration as the finish on the outside. We only use premium pickups built with materials including 50s & 60s vintage-correct, American-made copper wire, Alnico magnets, nickel-silver baseplates, high quality authentic fiber or humbucker bobbins and more. We use cloth, braided, or Hi-Fidelity Unicrystaline Continuous Cast wiring for each different application to help you achieve exceptional tone and quality.

Experience Bmfm Artisan Quality Tone

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  • Hand Crafted

    Every guitar is cut, sanded, shaped, finished, and setup by one Luthier. The same hands that start the project, end the project.

  • Flawless

    Combining modern technology with centuries of skilled craftsmanship we believe we’ve come up with the perfect combination of tone and technique to bring out the audiophile in each of you.

  • Tradition

    True to the traditions of 17th century violin makers our finishes and sealers are made in-house using a 300 year old recipe. What was good enough for Antonio Stradavari is surely good enough for us.

Service & Repairs

Have a guitar that needs fretwork, bad crackling pots, funny sounds, or buzzing strings? We've got your back.

Although we do service and repairs here at the Custom Shop, due to there only being me here at the shop we partnered with The Vintage Guitar Emporium for your guitar service and repair needs.

They are willing and able to take in anything you drop off ensuring your guitar gets the care it deserves. Doing service this way ensures the fastest turn around time possible.

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